What is The Path Back?

The Path Back is a revolutionary new faith-based system designed to help you, or someone you love, break free from pornography addiction and compulsive sexual behavior. The Path Back system can help anyone struggling with addiction, or those who have stewardship over, or are an in relationships with those who struggle with this crippling addiction. The Path Back changes lives. The Path Back has worked where many other programs have failed. If you are ready to take control of your life, please click here and start your recovery immediately.

Our Mission

The Path Back combines the latest scientific research in behavioral and habit change, combined with the uplifting teachings of Jesus Christ, to provide you with the guidance, structure, tools and techniques to help you take back your life, to restore hope, and to place you firmly back on the path toward the life that you’ve always dreamed of. The Path Back will help you achieve a pornography free life, a life full of happiness, full of meaningful relationships, a life that puts you in a position to provide service to others, to live a more Christ-like life. The Path Back is designed to be taken in the privacy of your own home at your own pace, and The Path Back offers several options all designed to help you in your recovery. Pornography addiction and compulsive sexual behavior have become a plague, unfortunately their influences are only going to get worse. It’s time you take a stand, it's time for you to overcome your addiction, so that you can uplift others who are struggling, but who haven't found their way to recovery. It's time for you to be an instrument in God's hands, and that can only be accomplished after you rid yourself of this spiritually, and emotionally damaging behavior.

Pornography is warping minds, and changing the way we view our own sexuality. God gave us natural desires that, when used properly, are sacred and special. The healthy bond between a man and a woman can be one of the greatest gifts God has given us, but pornography and compulsive sexual behavior are ruining God’s plan for the expression of human sexuality. Pornography is ruining lives, destroying marriages, and is even the cause for people taking their own lives. It must be transcended in order to live a full, productive life, the life that God intended you to live! In this course we are going to go beyond these limits. You are going to wake up, and wake up fast. If you are ready for your significant change in your life, then click here and start your recovery today.

The Path Back Story

The Path Back method was developed by Tony Overbay, a licensed marriage and family therapist, writer, ultra-marathon runner and popular motivational speaker who works with teens, individuals and couples and helps them break free from the clutches of pornography addiction and compulsive sexual behavior. Tony has worked with hundreds of one-on-one clients to help them become pornography free and able to pursue a full, enriching life. Tony's Path Back method is based on the highly successful Mindful Habit System, developed by renowned life-coach and pornography recovery expert Craig Perra. Tony has added his own thoughts, and experiences, exercises and tools, along with traditional Christian beliefs into the program to help create the Path Back. Whether you are new to the Path Back, or if you’ve taken the Mindful Habit System, these programs have been designed to help you break free from pornography addiction, and compulsive sexual behavior. The Path Back system works, it's time to take back your life today!


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