YOU have the power to create the life YOU want, and have always dreamed about. A life free of pornography addiction and destructive compulsive sexual behaviors, behaviors that have been stunting your emotional, spiritual and physical growth for years.

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The Path Back method has three phases:

Awareness - The awareness phase helps you leave behind the addictive behaviors that brought you here, stories from your past that still impact your life today, and the physical and emotional habits that are holding you back. You will learn specific tools based on this awareness that dramatically increase your ability to embrace your power to change your life, to make changes even in the very moment you are triggered. This phase will immediately give you hope, it will open your eyes to the belief that THIS TIME your efforts truly will result in change. This phase lays the foundation for the next phase, accountability.

Accountability - In the accountability phase, you will learn the tools that are necessary to take a look in the mirror and understand that this time is different, you'll be given specific exercises that will teach you how to be honest with yourself about your life, how you got here, and how you can escape to higher ground. The Path Back system will guide you through this process. You are going to own your role in this addiction, which will bring you clarity, and power. By doing this, you transform and become accountable to YOU. In this phase, you learn that you have far more control over your life than you ever imagined, and this moves you towards the next phase, action.

Action - In the action phase, you must move forward, you WILL move forward. To break a habit, you have to make a habit; this is the golden rule of habit change. The cure for mediocrity, addictions, and underachievement is to make your way down the Path Back, to the life that you’ve always dreamed of living. Step by step, lesson by lesson, you are going to recognize and embrace the power that you have to change your life for the better.

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The Path Back Program Options

The Path Back Course


The Path Back Course consists of over 40 high-quality videos, along with an online workbook that provides you with tools that will immediately help you on your journey to recovery. For less than the cost of one session of therapy, you will gain access to a self-paced, action-based program that will help you break free from pornography addiction and compulsive sexual behavior. The course also includes access to a forum where you can interact with other people on their journey to recovery.

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The Path Back Plus: Course + Weekly Group 1-Hour Call


The Path Back Plus consists of everything included in the Path Back Course: over 40 high-quality videos, along with an online workbook that provides you with tools that will immediately help you on your journey to recovery as well as access to the forum PLUS access to weekly conference calls led by Tony where you can hear the latest news in the field of recovery, hear inspiring messages to help you on your journey, and you'll have the ability to interact with fellow Path Back members.

Path Back Plus members will have access to archived calls as well as special invitations to webinars, podcasts and other events designed to propel you further on your journey to recovery.

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One-on-One Coaching Calls with Tony

30 Minute Session


60 Minute Session

Work individually with Tony, creator of The Path Back System, to help you develop an individually tailored plan toward recovery. Ask questions specific to your life and receive guidance by someone who has spent thousands of hours in sessions with hundreds of people who have successfully kicked their addiction.

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