In this episode Tony shares his one-man mission to debunk the biggest myth in the world of habit change. This episode is sure to change your opinion on what it takes to create new habits and give you hope that you, too, can create new habits even if you feel like you’ve been unsuccessful in the past. Tony also shares a story about “getting the fudge first” aka the one-hour Disneyland shopper’s pass.

Author Tina Fuller joins Tony to talk about her book It's My Turn. The book is about growing up with a narcissistic parent. They talk about personality disorders, signs of narcissism, and the negative effects of growing up the child of a narcissistic parent. Tina also shares how to heal from the issues that arise from being raised by a narcissist. Tina can be contacted at or through her website This episode is sponsored by use coupon code virtualcouch for 25% off any order. And check out Tony's online pornography recovery program at or contact him at

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